My Lips Shall Repeat

When fear has a grip on me
still my lips shall repeat
Jesus, you’re beautiful

When the sky is dark and the waters rise
still my lips shall repeat
Jesus, you’re beautiful

When the pleasures of this life fail me
still my lips shall repeat
Jesus, you’re beautiful

When I have been abandoned and forgotten
still my lips shall repeat
Jesus, you’re beautiful

Although my body shall fail
and my heart be faint within me
ever still my lips shall repeat
Jesus, you’re beautiful

The Lord has been teaching me about his unfailing love. Ecclesiastes 7:13-14 says “Consider what God has done: who can straighten what he has made crooked? When times are good, be happy. When times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other, therefore a man cannot know anything about his future.” Also, in 2 Corinthians 12:8, “But He said to me ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’. Therefore I will boats all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” We are called to glorify Him especially in our weakness. For how will we ever know the strength of our Lord when we can do life on our own? It is only when our weakness is overwhelming we truly discover the need to rely on Him for all our needs.

Now all of this is pretty basic knowledge that most can understand. However, true revelation on the subject comes when it penetrates the heart; when we feel the weight of it in our lives. And because of that, in every moment of hurt, weakness, or failure, we must chose to glorify Him through it. His goodness does not change with circumstance; His mercy never fails. The fact of that is enough reason to praise Him through the storm.


Glass Heart

The broken heart leaves shards
of glass in the road
easy to cut you wide open

Carefully you must tread
on forgotten remnants
of pain so scarcely spoken

Long is the way
and sharp are the edges
of glass in the middle of my road

But it’s the only way I know
to really lead me home

3am poems are my favorite.  They usually get written in between days or weeks of doubting my writing abilities.  Suddenly, as I stare into the darkness, words fall into place and it’s all I can do to grab my phone or journal to write them down before they float away.  This poem came from pondering hurting hearts.  I believe the way to true healing is to walk right back through all the messy, broken sharp pieces of your heart.  Then the Father can work on putting you back together.  Behind walls built for protection, we all have a little glass heart so vulnerable and easily broken.  The father loves that though; he loves when we get vulnerable and trust him with our broken hearts.  He is the very best keeper of them.

My Light

As I still struggle to find my niche in the world, I end up feeling down.  I have found music to be a great passion, but I am no expert.  I have many things I enjoy, but nothing I excel in.  I wish I had one subject in which I was knowledgable about.  You could ask me any question about it, and I would know.  A longing to be in full understanding of something.  When I come to the realization that I am not educated for one thing, it make me want to give up on every desire I’ve ever had.

I feel like an octopus with each tentacle in a different subject, so no one passion becomes the star.  If only I would see that if I gave myself fully to something, there my happiness would thrive.  How do you pick one thing to love for the rest of your life?  How do you decide a passion, with hopes it will keep you satisfied?  I could see myself doing an assortment of things.  Yet I still feel an emptiness inside, where my one true passion should reside.

I am a bird flying with nowhere to land
a desire to see the world, have my feet in the sand
The longer I go without the light
the less I can see to continue my flight

You know the light I speak of
that spark inside you feel and love
the drive that fuels the flame
it is your life, your very name

This is your identity
the way you are different from me
But I have yet to find that fire
my one and only true desire

Can someone help me find my way?
where my work is merely play?
at least sit with me while I sing
something to mend my broken wings

So I may fly again with all my might
and find my song, my love, my light


Midnight Song

The sun went down hours ago
and the moon has just begun to show
a reflection of true light she always will be
the moonlight whispers, she’s calling to me

Come home darlin’
come on home to me
this place is a stranger
and you belong with me

The stars begin to echo her cry
in smaller voices, like angels in the sky
as dark as the night is around
the light always brighter, when I hear her sound

Come home darlin’
come on home to me
the road isn’t much longer
and you’ll be again with me

I’ll cary that whisper wherever I go
no matter how far, above or below
I’ll always know the moonlight is calling me home



The cycle of my life
repeats in this endless strife


Learning is never ending
as long as I am living


Lessons learned long ago
return as if new to my soul


Always I see your face
it’s the only thing that remains


Through the pain
one thought I entertain


Sick or poor
I’ll return again to your door


And life will continue
to this same old beat




Down by the Sea

Someday I’ll find you
Someday you’ll see
I never wanted anything more
Than to live with you by the sea

But words got in the way
As I stumbled over the night
You slipped just out of reach
And I missed my chance for flight

My heart was a rocket
ready to soar
But you shut it down
Just like all those times before

There must be a better love
Waiting for me
Someone who longs just as I
To live down by the sea



Don’t let fear decide how
to live your life

ask the questions

take the risks

otherwise you’ll never know what
you might have missed